Xi’an Gaoxin No.1 High School and Uiwang High School signing the sister school relationship agreemtn

Xi’anGaoxin No.1 High School and Uiwang High School signing thesister school relationship agreemtn


     On30 Jan 2013, delegation of Uiwang High School led by Principalvisited our school, the goal of visiting is to build sister schoolrelationship.


    Uiwang High Schoolis located near Seoul, in YiwangCity, which is the best high school inYiwang City. The Principal of Uiwang HighSchool and Principal Wang Shufang signed the sister school relationship,symbolizing the real cooperation of two schools. Students of both schools willvisit each other from 2013. Our school will send students to Uiwang High Schoolin August of every year, Uiwang High School in Jan ofevery year. This agreement will bring positive impacts to both schools. Studentsof both schools will stay in host families, knowing each other about culture,education, and life.


    Aftersigning ceremony, Uiwang High School delegationvisited our international campus, watching the chorus show and orchestra show. Oneto one exchange happened, which resulted in excellent achievements. Theexchange between both school will go smoothly in the future.